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Sunny Lohmann brings the Funny to any event or show. For a very steep, steep fee, which most people can’t afford, you can hire her for your event or show. SOMETIMES she will lower her deservedly outrageous fee to a more reasonable, discounted amount as long as the following is guaranteed:

  1. A single, pink rose is presented to her upon arrival (no babies-breath — that’s tacky)
  2. Every 5 minutes someone tells her either a) you are so much prettier in person or b) why don’t you have your own tv show? (Generally you don’t have to pre-arrange for this one as it often happens spontaneously.)

Sunny would make an excellent MC for your event — cracking some jokes, keeping things lively (looking fabulous) — and she also has several topic speeches:

Yay Rah Rah Let’s Vote for Romney (Siss Boom Bah!)
Using Humor to Fight Evil
How to Win an Argument By Making Fun of Your Opponent (or, argumentum ad hominem)
Knitting 101 (cancelled due to low demand)

If you would like to book Sunny Lohmann for your event or for a your radio or TV show, email her at houseofsunny at gmail.

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