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Obama’s Vision of Our Future

September 30, 2012

I hardly ever go serious, because we get it everywhere else. But these are so effective, I had to publish them so you can share them far and wide. My clever friend who made these has a podcast, History Guys, that’s worth checking out.

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  1. September 30, 2012 6:32 pm

    Sunny, that is powerful, thanks.


  2. BarbaCat permalink
    October 2, 2012 11:15 am

    This kind of thing needs to be presented often. Over and over again.
    I’m discovering there are new people paying attention for the first time every day.
    Never Forget! Don’t let anyone ever forget!
    Keep up your valuable work!


  3. Catherine Buchanan permalink
    October 2, 2012 11:48 am

    Those words, plus those images, are powerful.
    I hope all is well with you. I look forward to your next video. They are pretty powerful, too, in a different way.


  4. October 2, 2012 12:05 pm

    Great job!


  5. JenC permalink
    October 2, 2012 5:45 pm



  6. October 3, 2012 3:28 pm

    That statement is not in Obama’s speech! I just read the text again, it is not there! Also if any of you have listened to the speech or read the text, you would know he addressed Radical Muslims attacking and killing other Muslims! He also addressed those Radical Muslims that dishonor the Muslim faith by their Terrorist acts. Muslims killing Muslims in Turkey, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and also condemned the Radicle’s attacks on us! Watch the speech or read the text before you go off half cocked spreading a false rumor!


  7. October 4, 2012 6:47 am

    Craig, the quote is very much in the speech: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. But to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied.”

    Also, what is a “Radicle”?


    • October 5, 2012 10:13 am

      @Alexander Marriott: Don’t you know that the “D” used to designate “democrat” also stands for “DENY”.


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