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My first appearance in a year, on The Bob Davis Podcasts.

January 12, 2015

I’m on Bob Davis’ podcast #288 this week. We have a lively chat about my move to California, The Golden Globes, and some Year in Review stuff. It’s always fun with Bob.

Are you following Sunny Obama spying behind the scenes in the Whitehouse?

January 12, 2015

If not you should be, because, it’s run by House of Sunny. Here, Sunny Obama is setting some New Years Resolutions. Follow her @sunnydogspy

Birth Announcement – FINALLY!!!

August 23, 2014

I thought I would be able to write this post much, much sooner (more on that later.)

Five weeks ago on July 17th I welcomed my beautiful daughter Lucia (pronounced LOO-sha) into the world. Were you expecting me to name her George Washington? Get over it.

Over a week after her due date, and after a three day labor and delivery, she graced my life with her presence. I think it’s clear she is determined to push the boundaries on fashionably late. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have given birth to a DIVA. Did you expect anything else?

Here’s a hospital selfie. Exhausted, proud mom. Happy baby.


She’s been working on her impressions. So far she’s nailed these two:

Here she is imitating the crab on her shirt. She calls this one "crab."

Here she is imitating the crab on her shirt. She calls this one “crab.”


Here she is imitating me. What a cheeky monkey!!

Here she is imitating me. What a cheeky monkey!!

Everyone said being a new mom would be hard. I was warned. But hard is relative. If “hard” to me before was a week long canoe trip in the freezing rain, climbing a fourteener, working a job I hated for months on end, or spending 40 days in the hospital and 8 months recovering after that, then I had no idea what “hard” was.

However, I’m well compensated. Because, this:


I am going to start doing some comedy vids very, very soon. Many of you have kindly written to me telling me your life is EMPTY without my videos, and I thank you. I will work on getting going soon. Not happening until I find the time to get my hair cut though.



April 28, 2014

Okay so it’s been out a week and I forgot to post it here. I just decided to get the band back together for a one off. We go over the news. No guest. No games. Unless you count the ones Alex plays as a matter of course (passive aggressive!)

Here’s the show description:

Sunny gets the band back together and this week we’re on a mission from God. We discuss Good Friday, Easter, the tv show about naked people in the jungle, and other news stories. Join Sunny with co-host Alex and our beloved sound guy Derrick for the first You Know I’m Right Show in months, and definitely not the last because it’s sure to go viral.

Click the pic and listen in!

You Know I'm Right Image with Gray

SunnyTV Store Sale for Tax Day!

April 7, 2014
Smiley FAce Sunny TV

I thought I’d give you guys a break and clear out my inventory too. See, Capitalism is WIN/WIN!

For the next couple of weeks, because you have to pay your taxes, I’ve discounted my Best Of DVD to $7 and my T-Shirts to $12.


Now is the time to buy!

If I sell out my stock I’ll get a new design going for Spring/Summer this year. Click here to shop!



April 7, 2014
That's me riding in to save the Republic. Or maybe it's George Washington.

<<<That’s me riding in to save the Republic. Or maybe it’s George Washington.

Join me for a Tax Day Rally in Rochester Minnesota on April 14th where we will celebrate the Tea Party, old and new. I am a featured speaker along with Bob Davis of The Bob Davis Podcasts.

Here’s the flyer. And yes, I know about the typo but I am not a member of the TPP’s so I can’t do anything about it. SHEESH! Calm down you Grammar Nazi’s!

Tax Rally 2014 Flyer

Bob was a guest on SunnyTV not too long ago. If you missed it check it out here.

What have I been doing??!! Find out in my latest blog post.

March 14, 2014

Many of you have written to me asking when I’m going to do another video. Answer: Shut up.

Just kidding. Answer: Fuck you.

No, really, just kidding. Answer: I don’t know. I’ve been busy working on my book and doing this:


No, not ballet, silly!!

The other thing.

But ballet too, of course. <Ahem>

It’s surprisingly exhausting having a parasite. I’m beginning to feel like Pregnant Bella Swan. Except I’m not craving blood…yet.


Unless it is the blood of a million Democrats. They say eating the heart of your enemy makes you stronger. I would do it except it would probably cross the placenta and WHO KNOWS WHAT THAT SHIT WOULD DO TO MY BABY! I’m sure it’s poison. She’d probably come out with half a brain.

Did I mention I’m due July 4th? How cool is that! Taking patriotic girl name ideas in the comments below.

So, I guess that was my Official Announcement.

With regard to my book, it’s something I started last year and then put down while I worked on a weekly video. I needed a break from the weekly videos, so I’ve been writing again. I hope I’ll have the book out by Fall. It will all depend on how distracting the little freedom fighter is.

I didn’t expect to take ALL of February off from videos but then all that recycling everyone does reversed Global Warming and we had a second Polar Vortex here in Minnesota so I went to Miami.

First day at the beach!

First day at the beach!

I’m sure I’ll do some videos soon, and as usual you’ll be the first to know!

Thanks for asking. I’m glad I’m missed a little bit. :)


    Baby Needs New Shoes
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